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Winter & Green Food

I wanted to share this amazing Super Food with you. If you are anything like me you have a harder time getting in the Greens during the winter months. I LOVE my Organifi Greens for energy and for the balance I need in food choices this time of year. Here's a deal so you can at least see if it's as great for you as I feel it is for me.  Great news!  My good friend Drew Canole has a wonderful gift for you.  He just told me he wants to give the first 100 of my subscribers who visit the link below 3 FREE PACKS of Organifi GO.  Yes, free!   What’s Organifi GO?  It’s the brand new travel...

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Changes in 2018 & Healing Center Continue

I am excited to share with you the changes taking place. In addition to the Infrared Sauna and the Aroma Infused Temple we are preparing to provide you with a variety of Yoga classes. This has created some changes to the appearance of the center. You will find it to be even clearer both energetically and in reference to the physical appearance. Like I have said before, 2018 is full of great things and lots of change. The energy is behind everything we do, as always.  I am giving the Yoga classes a lot of thought and would like to offer a little variety and some great classes for those of you who want to take Yoga classes but have...

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Energy Mysterious?

Energy~Mysterious?   Energy~Not Mysterious at all!  People use the expression: "Out of Balance" everyday. What do they mean by this expression? Out of balance is an expression of stating that one is not experiencing harmonious flow in all areas of life. Simply stated: "energy flow is impeded".  Why has the word energy baffled so many people? Energy is not something that we can see yet it is something that can be felt. We can't see "out of balance", yet we can feel "out of balance".  Then what is out of balance? Energy of course!. Energy is such a simplistic way of looking at life. When were we programmed to believe that we could not trust our body?  Does science really...

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Power of the Mind-MAGICAL

The Magical Power of the Mind   What is the secret to manifesting? Do the mind, nervous system and energetic systems impact the other? The answer is; they are all interconnected, one affecting the other, like the ripple from a wave, nothing can remain the same. You cannot change your mind without changing the energy systems and you cannot change the energy system without changing the mind. The nervous system is the bridge of synchronicity. While the law of attraction is focused on the power of the mind, REPROGRAMMING is the tool to getting past the conscious mind and into the sub-conscious mind where change occurs. Think for a moment of a situation where you wished to change something. Maybe it is...

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